Something’s Been Missing

So, it’s been a whole month since I’ve published a post! It seems like I haven’t opened WordPress in forever which in all honesty I haven’t. I’ve let the emails pile up for accounts I’ve subscribed to and I’ve been neglecting this little part of the internet. And it’s all because of one thing – my confidence.   Continue reading

Spring OOTD – Dungaree Lovin’

As a child I lived in corduroy skirts and pinafore dresses. I also had many pairs of denim dungarees (as did my Mum! Why did we wear matching dungarees?!). Looks from the 90’s have made such a big comeback recently from branded sweatshirts and tees to my personal favourite – the denim dungarees. I love my black dungarees and they can be so easily taken from day to night with a change up of footwear and what you’re wearing underneath.  Continue reading

Weekend in Washington

Last weekend, me and my boyfriend took a trip to Washington for his birthday. Together with all of the usual sights to see we also ate all of the food! I’m pretty sure the whole trip revolved around food actually! I thought I’d share some of the trip with you, along with the best food places we found along the way!  Continue reading

First Impressions: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

I was recently browsing the skincare aisle in my local Boots store when I came across the new launch from Garnier. Their Micellar cleansing waters are a big hit with me and many of my friends, my personal favourite being the oil infused water. When I saw this gel hybrid, I thought I had to give it a go, especially as I was on the lookout for a new cleanser. I alternate between my oil infused water and an oil cleanser which has now come to an end. As I have enjoyed using the rest of the range I decided to pick this up, especially as it was on offer!  Continue reading

Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Mask

I love sheet masks and they are becoming more and more popular amongst brands although they were few and far between when it came to ‘affordable’ skincare on the high street. Last year saw the release of the Moisutre Bomb sheet mask from Garnier which I have used numerous times and loved. Now we see the launch of Boots own brand of sheets masks and I have to say, they are pretty good!

Continue reading

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

So, after an extended blogging break after Blogmas I’m back and planning for the year ahead which of course includes my blog! 2016 was a pretty okay year for me. I created this little space in the big sea of the blogging world, I got a promotion and I managed to save steadily throughout the year in preparation for buying a house. On the other hand, there was a massive change in my life when my boyfriend took a secondment to work in America for 18 months. But, all in all every down had a massive up. So, here’s looking forward to an even better 2017. 

In my 25 Before 25 post I listed 25 goals to reach before my 25th birthday this year. These in essence are my goals for the year and I haven’t really set myself any other resolutions. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with lots of goals as I feel I’ll be more likely to give up!

I could list an endless amount of resolutions or goals that I want to achieve but I don’t think having lists upon lists of how you want to change yourself this year is healthy for you. Constantly looking at them and thinking about the rules you set yourself can often make you unhappier. We shouldn’t stop ourselves from having fun and enjoying life just because on the 1st January we decided on eating healthily and saving money so therefore, we won’t be going to our friends birthday night out. Don’t lose you just because you’re caught up in your resolutions. I certainly won’t be! 

I hope 2017 brings you everything you have hoped and planned for. And I hope anything you have set out to achieve, you do. Here’s to achieving goals…. and drinking more water!