25 Before 25 – Did I Do It?

You may remember that during last years Blogmas I set myself a challenge of achieving 25 goals before my 25th birthday. So, here’s a little run down of what I’ve been up to this past year to achieve my goals!Run 5k

I did it! Okay, so I may not have run the whole 5k without the need to stop or walk to catch my breath but I tried and I did it! I took part in a muddy 5k obstacle course back in the summer.

Start an online course

I did this, but in the real world! Instead of taking the course I wanted to online I attended a week long intensive course to become a fully qualified project manager!


I am volunteering every week through my dance school. I am teaching classes to younger pupils free of charge whilst their usual teacher is on maternity leave. I’m also part of a fundraising group at work and in charge of helping to organise fundraising activities and events!

Go to California 

You’ll see from this post and many instagrams that I ticked this off the list!

Nail winged liner

I’m going to say I’m half there. I’ve definitely not nailed it but I’m much better and more confident than this time last year!

Buy a high quality camera

This one is still on my list…

Step out of my comfort zone more often

I’m definitely becoming more of a yes person!

Post atleast once a week and stick to it

This of course didn’t happen, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it!

Visit my grandad and his wife in Plymouth at least once

Sadly this got arranged and then we couldn’t make it. But, I have spoken to him more often on the phone which has been lovely.

Go to a karaoke bar 

I haven’t managed this yet! It’s still on my bucket list!

Go to a bloggers event

This is a firm tick! I attended BlogCon London with the lovely BlackGirlsBlush and she even wrote a post about it here. I bumped into the lovely Naomi from NaomiVictoria.

Make time to read a new book every month

I’m definitely reading more often which is better than before!

Treat myself to a luxury purchase

I wouldn’t say anything has been an extremely ‘luxury’ purchase. But I have delved into the world of Charlotte Tilbury make up now so who knows what’s next!

Worry less about what others think

Working on this but I’m definitely caring much less! You be you!

Visit New York again

I’ve not had the chance to visit again but I have managed to visit so many other amazing cities in America. I’m heading back to NYC in March next year!

Go to an American Football game

I’ve still not had the chance. But I have seen an ice hockey game, baseball game and basketball game whilst in America.

Try Vlogging

Me and Jaymin vlogged our trip to the West Coast which you can watch too!

Drink more water and stick to it

My water intake has been so much better! I’ve been making a conscious effort to drink more when I’m at work.

Donate blood

A hugely rewarding experience! I felt so great after and when I got the text to say my blood had been sent to hospital I was so happy with myself! I’ll definitely be donating again.

Go to the filming of a TV show

Maybe next year?

Grow my blog

This is something that I think is going to take time. Although, there are definitely more of you than this time last year (hello!).

Treat myself to a beauty treatment once a month

I haven’t treated myself every month, but I have been getting my hair cut more regularly, I’ve had my nails done a few times and of course my brows need to be maintained ALOT!

Go to a cocktail making class

I haven’t been to a class but I have had a few cocktail making evenings with friends at home!

Watch another West End show

My lovely boyfriend took me to see Aladdin for my birthday last year! Aladdin has always been my favourite Disney film and I loved seeing it on stage.

Spend the year creating memories 

Of course I did this! This year has been full of amazing memories, from holidays to weddings to just having a laugh with friends.

At 25 I can say I’ve done a lot of what I hoped I would be able to. I’m definitely looking forward to the next few years before my 30th birthday. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a 30 before 30 post!


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