Christmas Gift Set Review – Origins ‘Let Us Glow’

If you know someone that uses the Ginzing range from Origins you can’t go wrong with getting them the Let Us Glow gift set which retails for £29. This set is also perfect to buy for someone to try the range. It’s suited to dull, tired and dry skins and aims to brighten and refresh the skin. The set itself is packaged lovely! The set comes in a post box red box with a printed black bow.

Inside you get 4 products which include a full size day cream. This product alone details for around £20.50 so you definitely get much more for your money with this set. Along with the day cream the set includes a refreshing scrub and eye cream both from the Ginzing range. There is also a renewing serum included.

The eye cream comes in a pretty decent size. It contains a lot of product! The product itself is amazing! It’s a thick consistency and it really feels like it’s nourishing under the eyes. It has a peachy tone to it and has the Ginzing scent of orange to it. It’s definitely refreshing and it definitely brightens!

The Ginzing moisturiser is one of my all time favourites! I received a small trial size tube of this and have wanted to repurchase ever since. It’s rich, creamy and cooling on the skin. The orange scent is really strong so it does wake you up in the morning! If artificial orange scents aren’t your thing I wouldn’t recommend this however.

If anything was a surprise in this gift set it was this serum. I wasn’t expecting much from it as I thought the Ginzing products were the focus of the box and this was almost a ‘filler’ product. I was so wrong! The serum really does hydrate the skin and let my skin looking dewy and feeling like new! I wasn’t overly keen on the scent but managed to get past that for the amazing results of the product inside.

Finally in the gift set is the scrub. This was definitely a morning product! It was super refreshing in the morning and used once or twice a week it contributes to keeping dry skin and dead skin cells away. It will wake you up as well as doing great things for your skin.

Overall I’d say this box is well worth the money. You get so much for just £29! Whether you get this for someone to try or for yourself to stock up on your Ginzing fix it’s so worth it. This gift set is definitely a yes from me!


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