The Best High Street Cleansing Balm?

So, I’ve been a loyal fan of the Camomile Cleansing Oil (£12) from The Body Shop for a while and have struggled to find an alternative oil that I liked as much. I recently decided that it was time to try something else from the range to see if it lived up to the oily sister. I took the plunge and picked up the cleansing balm despite not getting on with balms from other brands in the past…!

The butter smells exactly like it’s oil counterpart! It’s comforting and smells incredibly natural. The consistency is incredibly smooth and soft and when applied to your skin melts quickly and the make up seems to dissolve with it. It’s very similar to the oil! I use a Muslim cloth or flannel to wipe the ‘mixture’ from my face and it slides off so easily! Even my when I’m wearing waterproof mascara. I can’t fault it! I very rarely have to go in with a second scoop.

The real results for me would be in the following days. With other cleansing balms I had used I would find that within a few days my skin would become dry and irritated. I waited and didn’t have any issues with continued use. It was definitely a winner for me!

The Sumptuous Cleansing Balm (£10) is definitely a winner for me. Since my first tin – that I should add has lasted around 2.5 months – I have repurchased again and I have converted a friend to it too! I will definitely be sticking to this for a while, but if you have any reccomendations for a great cleanser please let me know!


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