Weekend in Washington

Last weekend, me and my boyfriend took a trip to Washington for his birthday. Together with all of the usual sights to see we also ate all of the food! I’m pretty sure the whole trip revolved around food actually! I thought I’d share some of the trip with you, along with the best food places we found along the way! 

The Sights

The White House

Is any trip to Washington complete without an obligatory stop off at the White House?! We managed to time our visit with Trump leaving in his helicopter which was quite cool to see! We watched from the back lawns as we had already left the front of the building. I’m not getting into politics today on my blog and it is quite a controversial subject, but the White House remains a beautiful building and I’d definitely recommend visiting if you’re in Washington.

Washington Monument 

The Washington Monument stands so tall! We were able to see the monument from miles out and we weren’t prepared for just how tall it would be up close. We didn’t stay here too long, it was a super windy day and as it sits on a hill, the wind was so cold and strong!

Lincoln Memorial 

This is such a stunning building and sitting inside is a huge stone statue of Abraham Lincoln. I didn’t even know about this memorial building until we were walking around! I loved the marble staircase that sits towards the top of the memorial.

The US Capitol

This is again one of those famous sights you just have to see when you’re in Washington! The grounds are so much bigger than I first thought. There is also a visitors centre inside which you can visit – we didn’t so I can’t comment on it!

Arlington Cemetery 

We visited the Arlington Cemetery on our last day and we hadn’t planned to visit it at all. Our Uber driver actually recommended it to us on our last night and I am so grateful! Not only are there great views of the Monument and the Capitol but it also has the graves of JFK and his family. There is also the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is in an amphitheater and the building is beautiful!

The Food & Drink

Wicked Waffle

Wicked Waffle is pretty close to the White House and we walked there after. We went for breakfast and had some amazing breakfast waffles! They do both savory and sweet waffles so there is definitely something for everyone! We went for 1 Nutella and 1 strawberry and they were so good!

We, The Pizza

Me and my boyfriend love pizza and We, The Pizza definitely served us some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. The menu is pretty extensive and you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Luckily, you can buy the pizza by the slice as well as whole so you can sample more than one in slice form! They also have some super delicious sodas which come in so many different flavors! I went for the sour cherry flavour and it was so good!

POV at The W Hotel

We headed to POV on our last evening. It hosts views of DC and the White House. This would definitely be a great place to visit during the summer to watch the sunset! You can book a table here and eat but we decided to just visit the bar and get a cocktail and sit at the tables by the bar – you still get an amazing view!

There are so many other things to see and do! It was however very windy and a little cold! I also recommend taking super comfy shoes (I lived in my trainers!) and if you’re going in winter, wrap up warm! We might go back again in the summer, so please let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below!


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