Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Mask

I love sheet masks and they are becoming more and more popular amongst brands although they were few and far between when it came to ‘affordable’ skincare on the high street. Last year saw the release of the Moisutre Bomb sheet mask from Garnier which I have used numerous times and loved. Now we see the launch of Boots own brand of sheets masks and I have to say, they are pretty good!

There are a whole range of different masks to suit all different skin types and preferences. You’ll all know by now that I have pretty dry dull skin so I naturally went for the hydration mask and the radiance brightening mask. Also in the range they have masks suited to cleanse and purify, luminise and to energise and revitalise.

These sheet masks are the perfect size, unlike some others I’ve tried in the past! They also don’t have too much product on which I find is an issue with some I’ve tried in the past. I know they say you can just ‘massage in the excess’ but that’s a bit of an issue when it’s dripping off of my face!


First up is my favourite of the collection, the ‘Super Hylaronic’. This masks claims to leave your skin moisturised and nourished and I can fully endorse the claim! Not only was it super easy to use, it actually did what it said it would without much faff! The size makes it easy to use whilst still being able to sit back and relax with a magazine without the fear of it falling off and smearing the pages.

The ‘Radiance and Brightening’ mask is just as good as the hydrating masks. This left my skin looking dewy and bright rather than dry and dull! It doesn’t have an over powering floral scent, despite the possible first perception. This makes for a comfortable wear and again, without much effort! 

As a whole, this range is a great addition to the skincare aisle in my books! It’s afforadable, easy to use and does what it says on the packet. 

The range should be in your local Boots store but if not, you can find the masks on the Boots website for Β£2.50. They’re also currently on offer where you can buy 2 for Β£3.00! 

Have you tried these or do you have any other recommendations? Let me know!


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