Blogmas Day 24: Being Prepared for Sale Shopping

We’ve all been there, right? Hitting the January sales with high hopes of picking up some bargains. You leave fairly early and get to the car park. Oh, but it’s not the car park you reach first, it’s the 20 cars queuing for the car park in front of you that you meet first.  After a flustered 20 minute drive around the car park, you’re finally in a space on the 7th floor. After battling your way down the stairs you decide the plan of action is to hit your favourite store first. You get there, see rows and rows of marked down items surrounded by a sea of others scouring the rails. You try and look, only to be barged out of the way by someone with a better fishing technique than you. You leave, hot and bothered in your new scarf and hat you got for Christmas empty handed. Disappointed. This is how the rest of the shopping trip goes and after eating lunch (which you had to wait 30 minutes to be seated for) you leave. The car park costs a fortune and there’s now a queue to leave. Well, I’ve experienced this far too often when it comes to sales shopping, so here is my guide to hitting the sales after Christmas!

Top 5 Online Sale Shopping Tips

Plan ahead!

I find that the best approach is to know what I want before hand. I have been known to be sat leisurely looking around the sales pages with the one item I really want already in my basket. After a good browse I go to check out and it’s out of stock! If you know what you want but still want to browse my best tip is to make the order of the item you know you really want then have a browse after. There is nothing wrong with making more than one order from the same place!

Be prepared to wake up early (or stay up late)!

Last year I missed out on getting some LUSH Christmas bargains because I waited too long. The website is always inundated with fellow shoppers and you often have to wait in a  queue before entering the site. I waited in the queue only to find all of the Christmas bits had sold out! Therefore, I say get up a little early on Boxing day and take a nap later on in the day!

Make sure you have an account with all of the delivery and billing information filled in!

You don’t want to waste time on the day having to go through the process of setting up an account. This wastes time for shopping on others sites and also increased the risk of your beloved item going out of stock! (Yes, this can happen even this late on in the purchasing process!).

Make sure to check your emails!

Brands will often send emails containing details of their sales and may even offer additional discount codes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the sale starting early and an extra 10% off just because you deleted the email from them without reading it first!


Top 5 In Store Shopping Tips

Leave the car at home or leave early!

There is nothing worse than driving around the car park trying to find a space for what feels like forever. If you do decide to take the car, leave early! And look for alternative car parks to the usual shopping centre one as these may be less busy and less well known. Alternatively, use public transport or get dropped and picked up by a friend or family member! Public transport may be running at reduced times but it is still better than queuing for a parking space.

Have a plan!

Don’t just wander around the shopping centre aimlessly like you would on a Saturday mooch. You need to have a plan! You need to know which shops you really want to go into and grab that bargain. Once you’ve got the pieces you really want, then you can have a wander and look around the other shops! Don’t miss out on that gorgeous reduced skirt because you were looking at the reduced picture frames you were never going to buy in another store.

Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale!

I have to admit I’ve fallen victim to this and the piece are still in my wardrobe with tags on or went to the Charity shop! Just because it’s on sale and in your size doesn’t mean you need to buy it! Yes, it might be a great deal and you might think you can pull it off for a night out but chances are you’ll chicken out and never wear it. Buy things you know you’ll wear and love. This will really make it a great bargain!

Make sure it fits!

Leading on from the previous point, make sure it fits! Don’t buy it just because it’s the one you really wanted but it’s no longer in your size. This tactic never ends well! Personally, I never wore the top I got 3 sizes up because I thought I could make it work. I couldn’t, my bra was exposed and it was never going to be ‘workable’. Sure, you’ll probably think you should have just got it in your size when you first saw it, but these things happen.

Remember, sales aren’t just for one day!

As much as we might think it, the sales do go on right through until January so don’t panic if you can’t make it out on Boxing day! Unless you have a specific purchase in mind that is likely to sell out, I’d say wait it out a day or two to avoid the crowds.

I hope you’ve found my tips helpful! Happy sales shopping!


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