Blogmas Day 19: Mini Christmas Shopping Haul

So, as it stands I have done very little in the way of Christmas shopping and there is just a few days left… oops. BUT, I did do some Christmas shopping before heading home to England and thought I would share my bits with you! There might be a few presents to myself in there too…!

First of all I popped to Sephora to bring something small home for two of my friends from work for Christmas. I will of course be bringing back the ‘team sweets’ too, but they’re not that interesting!

The masks I picked up are both for my colleagues. I got them both a lip mask as I have used these whilst being here and they worked wonders. I wanted to get some of the overnight masks which I use, but I feel that sometimes skincare is a bit of a personal thing and I didn’t want to pick ones up that I thought would work – as I could be completely wrong! I also got the charcoal nose strips which I had never seen before. I know one of my colleagues loves nose strips so I think this will be great for her to try.

The foundation is for me – the drugstore foundation I had with me ran out and I didn’t want to spend too much on a new one here as I want to pick up my holy grail drugstore foundation up when I’m home. It is a medium to build able coverage but I find I can only use this with a beauty blender and I sometimes have to really work it in. That might have something to do with my extra dry skin at the moment!

Which leads me on to the First Aid Beauty ‘Ultra Repair Cream’. I’ve never used anything from First Aid Beauty before but I thought I’d see how this faired on my dry skin. It has really helped so far (I’ve used it four times!) and my skin feels much better in the morning. I think it will be coming in very handy on the plane! Luckily I have a small pot I can put it in for the flight!

I also received my Birthday gift! I haven’t used any of the products yet but I’m really looking forward to. I’m saving them for home as I don’t want to open anything else new here! I’ve used the Fresh exfoliator before in a trial size and really liked it so fingers crossed this is just as good!

I then went to Bath and Body Works to get some small bits to go with the masks from Sephora.


I decided on getting them some different anti-bacterial gels and I went crazy! The deal was 5 for $6 and I think I picked up 15! The photo doesn’t do it justice. But yes, there will definitely be enough to give them a few each. We are always using anti-bac so it’ll be well used for sure!

I also picked up a candle for my boyfriends parents for Christmas. Whilst we were in Bath and Body Works when she was here she picked it up and said how much she liked it. Mahogany Teakwood is my favourite scent too! I have the high intensity one in the apartment and it smells so good! It smells like a really nice mens aftershave and the scent lingers for such a long time once it’s burnt!

Finally, I stopped off at MAC. There was an offer on at the department store which meant I got the lipstick for the equivalent of around £9 which is a bargain for MAC!


I have been wanting to try Viva Glam II for ages so I bit the bullet (not literally) and picked one up! I could have gone crazy buying other shades for such a bargain but I resisted! I might get some after Christmas, we will have to see what Santa brings..!

Have you managed to Christmas shop without picking up something for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19: Mini Christmas Shopping Haul

  1. hoiyinli says:

    Amazing haul! I bought a load of face masks today from TK Maxx to gift to friends but otherwise, I have been patiently holding off in buying anything for myself. Gonna wait for the boxing day and new years sale, haha.

    I so so desperately want to go to MAC though to grab myself a new lipstick soon! (…even though I don’t actually need one…)


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