Blogmas Day 13: Festive Red Lip

In the hopes of coming out of my comfort zone I decided I would try to wear a more ‘festive’ lip in the run up to Christmas. If you read my Autumn Lips post, you may remember I am very much a nude lip girl but I did want to branch out a bit more. So, with that in mind I’ve been trying to wear a festive red lip when I can. I thought I would share how I’ve been building my red lip into my everyday make up. 

The red I have been braving is from Sleek and is from their Matte Me range in the shade ‘Rioja Red’. It is a true, bright red which perfect for the festive season!


The formula of these are great and I’ve loved them ever since I tried the shade ‘Birthday Suit’ (one of my favourite nudes!). It glides on easily and doesn’t dry instantly which means if you make any mistakes they are quickly cleaned up! Once it dries it is really comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy.

The only downside to these is that I often find if I wear it when I’m eating a meal out it will move around my lips which is a bit of a shame. It will end up a little smudged and sometimes even on my chin! So, I would recommend wearing these if you don’t plan on eating anything for a little while!


As you can see, I’ve paired my lip with fairly simple make up. I feel that if you’re wearing a bolder lip, that should be the main focus of the make up! I was also only popping out to do some Christmas shopping, so I didn’t want to wear too much else and kept it pretty simple!

You can pick Sleek’s Matte Me lip creams up from Boots for £4.99.

Let me know your favourite lip product for the Christmas season!



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