Blogmas Day 5: My Christmas Beauty Wish List

As I’ve got older my Christmas list has definitely reduced in size. As well as realizing the things I want most money can’t actually buy, I feel that I usually will buy something if I like it when I see it. That being said, there are of course some lovely bits and pieces around this time of year that are released for Christmas which I would love if I received under the Christmas tree. I have put together a list of the beauty products on my Christmas wish list.

Zoeva ‘Rose Golden’ Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve wanted to try Zoeva shadows for a while now but I’ve never been able to decide which one to go for! I really like the Rose Golden palette and seem to always be drawn to it. I will definitely be purchasing more if I do get this and like the product!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Winter Icon

I love limited edition releases from brands – the only sad part is when you love it and can’t get hold of it again! Cleanse and Polish has been a go to for me when my skin is acting up. I know this really works, it gets my make up off and refreshes my skin whilst still be gentle.

Philip Kingsley ‘Little Hair Treasures’

I’ve heard so much about the ‘Elasticizer’ from Philip Kingsley over the years and have always wanted to try it. I’ve got pretty fine, limp, heavy, fly away hair which doesn’t hold a curl for more than 5 minutes. These trial sizes would be a great way to try the products out to see whether they are worth purchasing!

LUSH Christmas Gift Sets

I love LUSH! Their Christmas range is always great (everything it always great!) and I would be more than happy to receive some LUSH products. Too many is never enough as you can’t beat a good bath (I prefer them to showers!).

‘Face’ by Pixiwoo

I remember being mesmerized by Pixiwoo’s videos when I first started watching YouTube. I  longed to be able to recreate their looks and they seemed to have so much knowledge! I love that they have put all of their knowledge into this book and I think it’ll be dreamy to look through.

What is at the top of your Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments!




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