Blogmas Day 2: Bath & Body Works Christmas Collection Haul

Bath and Body Works Christmas/Holidays collection pulled me in on a recent visit to their Store. The festive candles smell great however this time, I was more drawn into their body products. The various collections smell ah-mazing! Having never used Bath and Body Works body products I thought I would pick some up. 


The first scent that drew me in was ‘Winter Candy Apple‘. I decided to get it in the body mist. I’m not usually one for body mists as I prefer perfumes but I thought that this would be great to spritz on after a bath. The scent is very much like sweet apples, just like it says in the name! It is such a sweet smelling fragrance which is different from what I usually like but I do think it is perfect for the festive season as it is a good alternative from the cinnamon scents which I find can be a little too overpowering.


Next up is the ‘A Thousand Wishes‘ scent which I picked up in the shower gel. This scent is also quite sweet it reminds me of when you drop strawberries in prosecco which is possibly due to one of the key notes being pink prosecco! It promises to leave the skin feeling soft and fragranced so I can’t wait to use it and see if it lives up to it’s claims.


I picked another body mist up from the ‘Magic in the Air‘ collection. I believe this is a new collection to the holiday scents. It is a very floral scent which is different to the sweeter scents I picked up. I think this will be great to spritz on during the day to refresh yourself. Some of the key notes are winter water lily and pear blossom which definitely comes through.


Finally, (for now) I picked up the shower gel in ‘Winterberry Wonder‘ from their signature collection. This is exactly how you would imagine winter berries to smell. It is a mix of apples, cranberries and apples. It is really refreshing and I think it will be great to use in the morning to help wake me up!

Bath and Body Works have so many lovely collections for the Holidays. I will definitely be looking to purchase some more and their signature collections which are in all year round too. They always have such great deals on which mean you make some great savings. It does however mean I have to try and fit it all in my suitcase to bring home which may prove difficult!


What are your favourite collections from Bath and Body Works?



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