Blogmas Day 1: Stepping Up

So, I have decided I will be taking on Blogmas. I love watching Vlogmas and hope that by next year I’ll have gained the confidence to be vlogging and will take part. But for now, I’m going to set myself the challenge to blog every day in the lead up to Christmas. I love Christmas time and December is also my Birthday month so there will be lots of exciting things going on! I have planned lots of different festive posts and hope that you will come along for the ride.

I have really been enjoying blogging more. This is possibly down to me taking a sabbatical from work and having more time to blog. The reason behind my sabbatical is because my boyfriend has taken a secondment to work in America! He came over in August and I came for an extended holiday in mid October. We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to explore the surrounding cities together. He also has a lot of family in different states so we have had the chance to visit them over the weekends. I have had so much more spare time in the day and evenings and have been able to put this into my blog (or going to the mall to shop for my blog!). We will both be flying back to England in time for Christmas but my boyfriend will be heading back to America after New Years Eve. Having a long distance relationship can be difficult but you can make it work!

Taking on the challenge to get a post out everyday has meant a lot of planning and making sure I am on top of things. I have to admit, I have so many posts in my drafts that I just never take the photos for. In the end I just trash them as I feel that the moment has passed.

Being away from home in the lead up to Christmas will certainly be different to usual! I would usually have started Christmas shopping by now, but I’m going to be honest, I have only got one present so far! Oops. I hope to fix that this weekend!

I hope you’ll all come along for the ride and I can wait to read your Blogmas posts too! Let me know if you are taking part in Blogmas in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1: Stepping Up

  1. Eliza says:

    I have so much Christmas shopping to do as well! I’m also doing my first Blogmas which is super scary as I could definitely be more organised haha but hopefully it all goes ok! Christmas has got to be the best time of the year! x

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  2. blackcoffeebreakfast says:

    It’s my first Blogmas and sheduling it around work and Christmas prep has been somewhat of a nightmare! I’ll keep an eye out for your posts this month!


    • thelissaway says:

      Aww, thank you so much! ☺️ it’s going to be difficult to juggle everything and get a post up every day but fingers crossed it’ll work out! I’m hoping I’ll be confident enough to start vlogging in the new year! I’ll be sure to check out your Blogmas! ☺️

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      • ciarralorren says:

        Trust me, I completely know what you’re going through! The juggle is real lol just remember to do the posts for yourself and enjoy the process 😊 And thanks love!!


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