July Favourites

So, another month has passed and I thought it was time for a monthly favourites post. In July I found a few new products that have now become staples.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palettes

These palettes have become an every day staple. I never thought a £3.99 palette would be so good! This lasts all day on my lids even without primer. The pay off is great and it blends so well. I have used either one of my two palettes pretty much daily and have sometimes even opted for it over my high end shadows which I never thought I’d do!

Nude & Nude Bronze

Garnier BB Cream

I recently delved into the world of BB cream. I have always been a full coverage foundation kind of girl, mostly because I don’t like my freckles! This summer, I decided it was time to embrace them and opt for a lighter coverage during the day. The Garnier BB cream was what I chose to trial and I have been really impressed. The coverage is light on the skin but still makes the skin look dewey and even. I’ve almost used this up in a short space of time and have been reaching for this over my usual foundation.

Garnier BB Cream in Light

MAC Turquatic 

I purchased this on a whim at the airport on my way home from New York and I am so happy I did! It smells amazing! It is a deep scent rather than my usual floral scent. I would say it is more of an evening scent than daytime. The scent lingers on the skin for the evening and I can always smell it when I get home after wearing it out which is a good sign to me!

Mac Turquatic

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Mousse

Now, like many others, I always associate mousse with being something used way back when. But, I have used mousse on and off for a while and needed a new one. I spotted this Lee Stafford mousse in Boots and when it went on offer I picked it up. My hair has always been very flat so I need all the help I can get when it comes to volume! This smelt really good when I applied it and I could smell it once I’d dried my hair. I got compliments on the volume in my hair the first time I used it so knew it was a winner. I’ve used this every time I’ve blow dried my hair and I am constantly pleased with the results!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Mousse

Vaseline Spary and Go Moisturiser

A little bit late to the party with this moisturiser from Vaseline. With moisturising being my least favourite this has made the boring task much quicker and easier. The cocoa butter scent makes it feel rich and leaves a comforting scent on the skin. My skin is feeling much better since using this as I am actually remembering to moisturise day and night! Sometimes even when I get home from work which was unheard of before!

Music Favourites

Rihanna & Drake – Too Good
Kent Jones – Don’t Mind
M.O – Who Do You Think Of
Frenship – Capsize

Film Favourites

Finding Dory
Central Intelligence

What have you been loving in July? Or are you too loving any of these products? Let me know in the comments!



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