New York Break

I have not long returned from a holiday to New York and New Jersey and I wanted to share a little bit of my experience on my blog. Me and my boyfriend travelled to America for a family wedding in New Jersey. We decided we would take an extra break in New York the week before the wedding and took some time to do all things tourist whilst we were there! I have put together my top 5 highlights from the trip to share with you. 


Highlight 1 – Statue of Liberty


I would 100% recommend taking a trip to the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t manage to go inside the Statue as we didn’t know this had to be booked in advance. We did walk all around the island and listened to an audio tour which was included in our trip. The views to New York are great. We spent around 2 hours walking around and taking pictures. Sadly, my feet were in pieces after our trip here and as soon as we were back in New York I made a quick trip to the nearest shop and purchased a pair of flip flops! My biggest tip would definitely be wear comfy shoes! Me and my boyfriend both suffered from sore feet at some point throughout our trip!

Highlight 2 – Empire State


Is a trip to New York complete without a trip up the Empire State? The views from the top were incredible. It was everything I had hoped for and more! As it was such a lovely, clear day, we were able to see for miles. Up there it really does look like a concrete jungle without any roads and paths. When you look down (if you aren’t of a queasy nature!) the cars really do look like toys. We paid extra on the day to go to the very top of the tower which is a very narrow floor surrounded by glass. The views up here were even more spectacular and I’d recommend it!

Highlight 3 – 9/11 Memorial & Museum 


Another must if you are visiting New York is the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. The memorial fountains are much bigger than I expected which really put things into perspective for me. The names of those who tragically lost their lives are engraved around the outer of each of the memorials too. The museum itself is so informative and moving. The exhibits are really well put together and we spent all morning here looking around and taking it all in. I would recommend leaving time to stay here of at least three hours.

Highlight 4 – Times Square


We were lucky enough to be staying just a five-minute walk from Times Square. We walked through every day we were in New York either during the day or at night. It never got boring and there was always something different going on. It was just how I expected it to be with so much going on. It was always super busy which was the only downfall but it was to be expected!

Highlight 5 – Top of the Roc


We wanted to do Top of the Roc in the evening however the one night we had this planned was unfortunately a cloudy evening and we were advised we wouldn’t be able to see anything from the top. It was our last free evening so we headed up anything and were disappointed as all we could see was white mist. Fortunately, the staff were more than happy to exchange our tickets however, it meant going up in the day. This didn’t ruin the experience as once we were up the next days the views were amazing.

We have already decided to go back to New York. There are so many more sights and activities we wanted to do that we just didn’t get time to do. We also cycled around Central Park but would love to go back and spend more time within the park. Are you planning a trip to New York soon? Have you been and have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!




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