Mini High Street Haul

I seem to find that once I need to repurchase one of my staple products, everything starts to run out at the same time! I had been making a list of bits and pieces I wanted to try and headed to the High Street to pick them up!

First up is a shower gel from The Body Shops new ‘Pinita Colada’ range.


This scent is lovely! It’s like holiday in a bottle! The pineapple and coconut scent really shines through. I can’t wait to try it out and maybe even purchase some other bits from the range.

With my holiday coming up I needed to ensure I had some sun protection.


Now, I know sun cream really isn’t the most exciting product but it is so so important to protect your skin in the sun. I know I will be out in the sun walking a lot whilst away, so I will be sure to protect my body and face with this duo from boots. I picked these two up as they were really affordable.

To go with the sun cream I thought it was only right to get an after sun.


I love this after sun from Garnier and have used it every holiday I’ve been on in the past 6 years. It really hydrates and cools the skin as well as keeping it moisturised. The best thing about it is that it has ingredients in to intensify any glow you have picked up. It also seems to make the tan last a little bit longer.

I needed to pick up a new eyeliner and brow pencil so went with two trusty favourites from Soap and Glory.


This eyeliner has really good longevity and stays black all day without fading. With its felt tip brush it is really easy to use and ensures minimal mistakes. The brow pencil is the best I have found on the high street. I have been without this for a little while now and can really tell the difference!

This week saw the launch of Zoella’s new ‘Sweet Inspirations’ range.


With it being such a big launch, I couldn’t wait to try it. The packaging is lovely and the two colours really compliment each other. The scent itself is very sweet which isn’t something I would normally go for. This will be in my handbag for when I need a little something on the go!

Have you picked anything up from the High Street recently? What are your favourite High Street picks? Let me know in the comments below.


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