Get to Know Me

I’ve had my little blog for a couple of months now and I decided it was time to put myself out there a little bit more. It’s probably time I let you get to know me. I found a ’30 Things About Me’ tag, so here goes!

1. What is your middle name?

Louise. I feel like a lot of people have this as a middle name!

2. What is your favourite colour?

As I’ve grown up my taste in colours have definitely changed. I love pastel colours and pastel mint green is one of my favourites. Although, I think pink and purple will always remain high up in the favourites no matter how old I get.

3. Who was your first best friend?

My first best friend was a girl called Verity in Nursery. She was quite a naughty child and on her first visit to my house flushed a whole toilet roll (cardboard tube included) down the toilet! We didn’t go to the same primary school as she moved away. 

4. How tall are you?

I’m 5ft 5 (I think!).

5. Cats or dogs?

Cats! I am a little scared of dogs.

6. Funniest moment in school?

Wasn’t at all funny at the time, but it was probably during a school play rehearsal in year 9. It was our big moment to go up and rehearse and the older (cooler) members of the cast were watching from the seating area. As we stepped on to the stage from a side wing I was pushed out of the way by someone. Unfortunately, I was pushed with force, straight into the scenery, pulling it down and falling off of the stage and hitting my head on the table as I went down. I remember looking up surrounded by the scenery and hearing all of the older pupils howling, unable to contain their laughter! Thankfully, I was fine and the scenery was fixed. The show did go on!

7. How many countries have you visited?


8. Are you in/have been in college?

I decided against going to University after doing my A-Levels. I was all set to go and do midwifery but was put off at an interview and I decided to go into work instead.

9. What was your favourite & worst subject in school?

My favourite was Theatre Studies. My worst was probably physics.

10. Favourite drink?

Favourite alcoholic drink is a Gin and Tonic. My favourite non-alcoholic is Coke Zero.

11. What is your favourite animal?

I love penguins.

12. What’s your favourite perfume?

Chanel – Chance

13. Tea or coffee?

Both, but iced!

14. What would you (have you) name your children?

Milo and Amelia.

15. What sports do you/have you played?

I’m not a very sporty person and avoided p.e at all costs during school. I am partial to netball though and used to play for the Primary school A team.

16. Favourite book?

One Day – David Nicholls

17. Who are your favourite YouTubers?

I have so many! Fleur de Force is probably the youtuber I’ve watched the longest.

18. What’s your favourite movie?

I have too many to list. The Fast and Furious films are some of the best though. 

19. Single or Taken?


20. What’s your idea of a first date?

Something where you don’t feel too much pressure and where there can’t be too many awkward silences! An activity would be fun.  

21. What’s your favourite food?

I love Chinese food! Also, pizza, Mexican and fairly spicy food. 

22. Favourite memory from childhood?

My Nan. Spending the holidays and weekends with my Nan and Grandad was something I always looked forward to. Even when my Nan got really sick she still insisted I stayed over. I miss her so much!  

23. Do you speak any other languages and how well?

I don’t think my GCSE in German still counts!  

24. Do you have siblings?

I have two younger brothers who are twins.  

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

 A little bit of everything! If I like something, I buy it! I would be too scared to go for any trends that were too out there though! 

26. What is your favourite restaurant?

 I have so many. Nandos is my favourite for something quick. I also love an Indian restaurant near to me called ‘The Palm’. 

27. Name some of your favourite TV shows?

 One Tree Hill, Eastenders, Casualty, Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

28. PC or MAC?


 29. What kind of phone do you have? (Android V iOS)


30. Tell us one of your bad habits?



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