May Favourites

May is almost over and I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone! I thought I would put the bits and pieces I have been loving throughout the month into one post. I personally love reading these types of posts and watching favourites videos. This month, I have a mix of products, fashion items, a blog and some music.

First up is my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This is definitely an oldy but a goody! I have loved this product for a while now and it was one of the first products I decided to buy from reading a blog!

This month I have found my skin really dry so thought it may have had something to do with a cleansing water I had been trying. I’ve gone back to taking my make up off with the cleanse and polish and it is looking much better. It takes my make up off so quickly and effectively. I couldn’t recommend this enough!

My skin was looking very dry and I decided to do some research. After reading online, it was clear I was missing an important step in my skin care routine. Exfoliation.

I was using an exfoliator but it was for oily skin and after much time spent browsing the shelves in Boots I found this Nivea scrub with vitamin E. This scrub has improved my skin so much! I use this two to three times a week and it leaves my skin feeling so soft after wards. I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance in my skin as have others.

When I’m on the go I love to have an antibacterial gel to hand (pardon the pun!). This coconut duo from the Body Shop is lovely.

The antibacterial gel really does smell like coconut and doesn’t have that alcohol smell that some antibacterial gels do. It cleanses the hands and sinks in fast without leaving them sticky. My only bug bear is that sometimes a lot comes out and you don’t have much control over the dispenser which is probably why mine is looking so empty. The hand cream is really lovely and feels luxurious on the hands. It is also coconut scented to match the gel. It sinks in really quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy layer.

I’m trying to get my nails in the best state possible before getting shellac nails on both my hands and feet. I have been loving the new nail treatments from BarryM.

These nail treatments have really made a difference to my nails. My nails are definitely stronger and aren’t breaking as much as they were before. I use the ‘Super Mani‘ under any nail varnish I’m wearing or simply on its own if I’m not wearing a varnish. I’ve been using the ‘Mani Mask‘ in between painting my nails. It leaves the nails a matte beige colour which is barely noticeable. I would recommend these to anyone trying to grow their nails!

My blog favourite of the month is Blackgirlsblush by Michelle. Her posts are really informative and I am definitely going to be purchasing an Avon lipstick in ‘Perfect Nude’ after reading this post. If you’re looking for an in-depth review of a product with an honest opinion she’s your girl! She also posts great style tips and some recipe posts have made an appearance too.

What products have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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