High Street Make Up: Make Up Revolution

I love trying new make up and always look out for new releases from the High Street or High-End brands. With the high-end releases I really look into the product by reading as many reviews online as I can as spending that little bit more money on a product means its even more disheartening when it doesn’t perform as expected and it has to be put to the back of the drawer. I always worry however that the high street brands just won’t live up to the high-end alternatives. That is until recently, I’ve noticed that the high street  seem to be really knocking it out of the park with new launches. 

I have often walked past one particular stand in Superdrug and haven’t paid it much attention, this is because I hadn’t heard that much about it and it was a fairly new addition to my local store. The stand I’m talking about is ‘Make Up Revolution’. I’ve now read a few posts about the brand and decided to take the plunge and I certainly have not been disappointed.

I was on the search for a new highlighter as my current highlighter just wasn’t cutting it. I have quite dull and dry skin and I often find highlighters don’t seem to show up on me as well as they do on others. I really want the high points of my face to gleam when it hits the light. As much as I want this however, I don’t want to be walking round looking like a child who dipped their face in glitter! I found myself looking at the highlighting palettes at the Make Up Revolution counter after one caught my eye.

The highlighter in this palette really stood out to me. It wasn’t too glittery when I swatched it and it was just the right champagne colour I was looking for in a highlighter. The palette comes with a bronzer and blush too which was a bonus. I compared the bronzer colour to my current bronzer and found it was a much lighter colour which will be perfect for contouring. The three colours seemed to be really pigmented and buttery – just what you want in a powder product. This seemed like the perfect new trio and I couldn’t wait to try it.

First reports are that it worked very well and I was very impressed! It applied really well – much better than I had expected. I wore this on a recent night out and it lasted all evening! I even had a compliment from a friend on the highlight shade which seemed like a good sign!

At just £3.50 this was a complete bargain! I couldn’t believe how well priced the product was.  If you would like to check it out for yourself you can here or head to your local superdrg store to swatch away!

I also picked up a lipstick for just £1.00 and a mascara for £2.00. First impressions of these are both good, the lipstick was definitely a surprise hit. I will defintiely be going back to the stand to look at their eye shadow palettes and will report back once I do.

Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution? If you have, let me know your recommendations in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “High Street Make Up: Make Up Revolution

  1. francescahb says:

    I haven’t tried anything from Make Up Revolution yet, I do have a nail polish in the post though! At first I thought this palette looked a lot like one from Sleek that I have. However, I’ve found that the highlighter can be quite glittery and I might try this one (its such a good price). Don’t know if it could beat my love of Sleek’s blush though!


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    • thelissaway says:

      I have tried a sleek palette and really liked it, sadly I dropped it and it fell apart! I really recommend giving this a go. I was sceptical at first but for the price I thought even if I didn’t get on with it I wouldn’t be parting with too much cash! 🙂


  2. dinksxo says:

    I was exactly the same when I first purchased from them. I saw all the palette while out with a friend but didn’t commit. A few days later it was payday and I had a big night out so I convinced myself to try the contour palette. Aside from being slightly too dark if I used too much product it’s amazing. But I’m really pale so that happens with any! Might try this highlighter now! Great post x

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    • thelissaway says:

      I was really impressed, I didn’t have high expectations because of the price! I think the price put me off in the past as I assumed it wouldn’t have a great pay off of product. I was so wrong! Yeah, give it a whirl, hope it works for you 🙂 x

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