My Invisalign Experience #2

After wearing my first brace for two weeks, I returned to my dental practice to have my teeth shaved(!) and my attachments fitted. The thought of having my teeth shaved made me cringe, I hate the feeling of my teeth grinding accidentally, let alone being ground down on purpose!

The shaving of the teeth didn’t hurt, it was more of an uncomfortable feeling. It really did seem as though my dentist had got a piece of sand paper between my teeth and was sanding them down. I had to have shaving between my molars to allow space for my teeth to move. I also have the option at the end of the treatment to have my teeth shaved to make them all the same length.

I didn’t feel anything when the attachments were fitted. It was a very similar process to having a filling. The attachment paste was put onto my teeth and then the mould put on top. A UV light was then directed onto the area that the attachment had been applied. This process was repeated until all of my attachments were fitted.

Once I was done, my mouth felt instantly different. The best way I can describe it is it’s like having peanut butter stuck on the tooth. The attachments felt a little rough at first and I couldn’t help but keep feeling them with my tongue. This was a vicious circle as after a while they began to cut my mouth where I was constantly rubbing them.

I would say the attachments were ‘noticeable’ in my mouth for a day or two and after that I didn’t even notice they were there. Now, I sometimes forget about them and I think my teeth will feel strange without them! I recently had an extra two attachments added and I didn’t notice them once they were fitted unlike the first time. The also didn’t irritate my mouth or cut me.

The brace itself felt different once the attachments were fitted. At first it was really difficult to take out and put back in, but in time I got used to it. I also found out just how tough I could be with the attachments without them getting damaged or falling out.

I’ve had the attachments now for 8 months and I haven’t had any trouble with them falling off or getting damaged. The only thing that I do have a small issue with is how they stain when I’ve eaten certain foods. I’m sure to brush my teeth as soon as I can after eating foods such as curries to ensure the attachments stay as close to my natural tooth colour as possible. The attachments are not noticeable and many people can’t even see them unless I point them out.

In all, until now, my experience has been really good. Of course, I had days at the beginning of the treatment where the I thought my teeth were going to fall out as they felt so sore. But up until now, it has been all completely worth it. I will post a picture, but only once the treatment has been completed with my final blog post in the series.


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