My Invisalign Experience #1

At 64% complete, I want to share my Invisalign experience in a series of posts. My first post will talk about the initial stages of treatment and why I chose Invisalign.

During secondary school I noticed that my teeth were beginning to change and starting to look a little out-of-place. This could have been down to the accident I had one Christmas taking my new bike for a spin or the start of my wisdom teeth creeping through. As I got older and into Sixth Form, I began to notice my teeth more and more. I would often compare myself to Nanny McPhee due to my front tooth sticking out slightly from my others. I hated smiling with my teeth out and I even adjusted how I spoke to try to hide it as much as I could. I was always told by my friends and family that they couldn’t see anything wrong – but I could.

I had read a lot about Invisalign treatment and costs involved with it. Invisalign suited me best as I liked the idea of having the invisible element. Of course, there are other methods which hide the wires of traditional braces, but I had my heart set on Invisalign after looking into it. I had a consultation at my dental practice and decided that it was something I really wanted think about. I would recommend a consultation before researching too much, as I was advised that Invisalign does not necessarily work for everyone.

 In July 2015 I finally took the plunge to start Invisalign treatment. At my first appointment before pictures were taken together with moulds of my teeth. The moulds were not painful, just an odd sensation when top ones were taken. It made me gag a little, but it was over really quickly. The moulds were then sent off to be analysed and a preview was created, this is called a Clincheck. The Clincheck came back to my dentist around 4 weeks after I had my moulds. I viewed it at the practice and my dentist talked me through each stage. I was really happy with the results and I was able to see how my teeth would move with each brace. I was told I would need 25 braces in total together with some attachments. I agreed that I was happy and the Clincheck was submitted and my braces would be made.

In September 2015 my braces were sent to my dental practice and I was able to collect my first set of braces. My first brace didn’t require any attachments to be applied to my teeth so the appointment was really quick. My dentist talked me through how to put the brace in and out correctly and how to care for it and my teeth whilst I was having treatment.

The first afternoon of having my brace was slightly painful. It felt as though my teeth were being clamped by something. I took it out a number of times to eat and then brushed my teeth before putting it in for bed. That night was one of the most uncomfortable I had experienced, I’m not going to lie. The brace had cut my gums and ulcers had formed under my tongue. I woke up in the morning and taking out the brace was very painful and it even got stuck halfway! I think this was due to me panicking and also not being used to it. Eating breakfast was almost impossible as was lunch and dinner. For the next two days I lived on soft foods and liquids but the pain eventually passed and my mouth adjusted to the change.

Two weeks passed quickly and I was ready to return to the dental practice for the next stage in my treatment. The attachments…



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